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March 21 2014
Posted by adultsextoys  [ 03:24 ]
Existence Vibrator Through Leaf
Leaf Life Vibrator
I met the white van man as he was about to knock on my door, he’s a regular now and I always have a bit of a chat with him. Not sure if he knows exactly what he has been delivering to me over the years but it always makes me smile to think that he doesn’t have a clue about my cheap sex toy reviews.
The Leaf Life in commom with the other vibrators in the Leaf range?is nicely packaged in a sturdy box complete with magnetic clip. They have been designed to look “green”, being made from manila card which hints at its recyclability. The box is very minimalist in design, but gives you all the information you need about the product.
In fact the product looks like it is pure and untainted, all high fibre and planet friendly, Lol. Well done to the design team.
Once you open the magnetic clasp on the side of the box you reveal a matt black wallet containing an instruction booklet for you vibrator. Stowed under the booklet is your vibrator sealed in its own plastic bag and a rather nice storage bag emblazoned with the leaf logo.
And just when you think they couldn’t be any more thoughtful you come across a set of interchangeable plugs which make your new vibrator usable throughout the world. These guys seem to have thought of everything.
Oh, you’ve probably guessed by now that the Leaf range of vibrators are rechargeable which.
plus and a minus button to control the Tor 2s vibrations, one on either side of the vibrating unit. The plus is for turning the toy on and increasing the intensity, the minus does opposite. Once it's at its highest speed/intensity, you can also hold the plus button down for a couple of seconds to switch it into patterns mode, where you can click through 5 different varieties of pulsing or escalating vibrations, and one combo of both. This all sounds simple in theory, but we didn't find the buttons to be user friendly. They aren't raised (in fact they feel a bit concave) and the minus button in particular takes some effort to push, so once you've got the toy on a bouncing shaft with a little wetness on your fingers, they're not so easy to use.
Giving credit where credit is due, Tor 2s vibrations are nice and deep, and stronger than what the average vibrating cock ring puts out. It's pretty quiet too.
Under the minus button is an open charging port. When we first saw it we figured somebody had made a mistake when they put waterproof on Tor 2s advertising. But no, we risked frying the toy and stuck it in a glass of water for over a half hour, and it buzzed along merrily without any issues. We also doused the ring (and thus the port) under running water for more than one washing, with no problems. The only concern we had was how to make sure the port was completely dry before plugging the charger back into it. We don't have a definitive answer there, but we shook ours out and let it sit overnight before charging, and it did fine.
Charging takes about 2 hours, for which we got between an hour to an hour and a half of use each time. And when the battery ran down, there w.
ce.The philosophy behind the sex toys is to assist women to recharge their sex lives. Not simply through the use of Dr. Berman's products but through a re-evaluation of their mindset and body attitude. There are many women who do not experience sexual pleasure with their partners because of outdated and negative beliefs. Women who are part of the generation are especially vulnerable due to the radical shift that came with the in the 1960′s. The focus of Dr. Berman designer cheap sex toys and support services is to teach women the facts about their body’s sexual function and how to enjoy it.
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February 27 2014
Posted by adultsextoys  [ 07:18 ]
Mantric Siena Symphony
Whilst some may have an eye for the ladies or men for that matter, I have an eye for a product which will perform well when I subject it to a cheap sex toys review.
After more than 5 years of reviewing adult products I am now blessed with this talent.? I am sometimes fooled but the majority of the time as they say “ I pick a good un”.? Lol
It’s a while since I tested a Mantric product, so long in fact that I can’t remember what it was, I’ll have to look it up later.? But for now the Siena Symphony is my instrument of choice and together I’m hoping we will be making sweet music.
Ok, I know…but it is my review.?
Before I give you the Symphony’s vitals I must mention the accompanying instruction booklet which has a witty, off the cuff introduction page.? It raised a smile and put me in the mood to whisk her away to the bedroom.? But first things first.
Is manufactured and distributed via a UK company, which warranted a mention as I try to fly the British flag.Curved for g-spot targeting and has a pleasure bump at the base for clitoral stimulation.Waterproof for a bit of bathroom pleasure.Easy to use up/down push buttons mounted on the base, which take you through the vibratory settings.Offers 10 vibratory functions, one to suit any girl.Discreetly quiet in operation, are you?? Powered by 4 x AAA batteries.And as it says on the box “test.
g cartoon that they always showed at intermission was a standing metaphor for the game we guys played. Anybody else remember that cartoon? It showed a hotdog bun marching out on stage with an obedient hot dog following along behind. The bun makes the hotdog perform all sorts of tricks, and after each one the hotdog begs. But the bun just demands more tricks. Eventually the bun decides that the hot dog has performed adequately, and it spreads wide so the hot dog can slip inside. Yeah, it was like that.
Most of the time I never got much farther than groping Marlene’s legendary double D’s or slipping my fingers into Suzie's virginal bush, but I did score my first blow job at a drive-in during my senior year of high school. I couldn't tell you what movie was playing that night if I tried, or much about the drive home either for that matter.
For the most part, it was all about flirting and some stolen kisses, but it was one hell of a lot of fun. Drive-ins were inexpensive, very social, and you didn't have to worry about getting mugged or having things stolen out of your car when you were walking around. Nothing today compares to them, and it really is sad to know that those days are gone.
Michele says:
I remember going to drive-ins with my parents when I was little, and it was loads of fun. I'd play on the playground until it dusk, when everyone would start honking their horns for the owners to start the movie. As soon as that happened I'd race back to my parents' car and climb up on the hood with a tub of popcorn and wait for that 80-foot screen to light up. I saw Star Wars for the first time at a drive-in, and it was amazing!
By the time I was in high school, there was only one drive-in theater still standing, and it was.
with. It uses safe, controllable suction to apply just the right amount of pressure to your nipple. No amount of sucking, tweaking and rubbing has ever prepared you for what this toy can do.
Talk about innovation! The Infinity Strapless Strap On takes pleasure to a whole new level. Simply insert one end of this amazing toy into your vagina and then use the other end to pleasure your partner. No straps, no buckles, just one lover giving pleasure to another. It isn’t often that a cheap sex toy can help redefine what sex is, but the Infinity Strapless Strap On does exactly that.
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December 27 2013
Posted by adultsextoys  [ 03:32 ]
Choosing the right sex toys is an important part of the fun! This is especially important for first time users because a vibrator that is too big for example, will almost certainly put off your partner for future use of sex toys.
In our experience, many men who buy a vibrator for their wife or girlfriend for the first time, often buy one that is bigger than the average. Wrong move guys! A vibrator or brutal dildo that is too big is sure to be a turn off rather a turn on.
It appears from our research that many men do this because it is their secret fantasy to see if their girlfriend or wife can take the size, a little crude perhaps, but nonetheless this seems to be the reason.
Magic Moments Sex Toys stock thousands of sex toys, vibrators, dildos and female stimulators so the choice is enormous and can sometimes become confusing as to which one to choose.
For those men who are buying sex toys for their wife or girlfriend for the first time, we recommend you purchase a sex toy, vibrator or dildo that is similar in length and girth to that of your own penis. This ensures you are getting something which your wife or girlfriend is used to. If however, your wife or girlfriend suggests something bigger you can always buy a bigger sex toy at a later date.
For you ladies who are buying sex toys for the first time, we recommend choosing a sex toy that you like the look of, choose one that provides satisfaction for your personal choice. If you enjoy penetration, choose a dildo or vibrator. If you prefer clitoral stimulation choose a clitoral stimulator. If your preference is both penetration with clitoral stimulation, a rabbit vibrator as an example, is an excellent choice.
Decide On Internal Or External Stimulation From Your Sex Toy
The vast range of sex toys available for women gives you countless opportunities to choose the right type of sex toy that can give you the right type of stimulation you want. For example, do you prefer internal stimulation of the vagina? Or are you more keen on clitoral stimulation? Or as with most women you probably like both. What size, what shape, what do you want it to do? these are the questions you need to answer to make the right choice of sex toy for you.
Here are a few questions that will help you to come to a decision on choosing the right sex toy for you or your partner.
1. Do you like a particular shape?2. Do you have a favourite colour?3. Are you fussy about the material it is made from, there is plastic, silicone, latex and rubber?4. Do you prefer solid sex toys or flexible ones?5. Do you want a classic sex toy or do you want to experiment with something a little more unusual?6. Are you looking for one to use solo, with a partner or both?7. Do you enjoy clitoral stimulation more than internal stimulation or both?
Your answers to the above questions will give you a starting point on which to build. It is important to choose a sex toy that you are going to be comfortable with, don't let other people make the choice because you are unique your individual choice should be your guide. Unless you want to be surprised by what your partner chooses for you.
Most people buy sex toys to enhance their love life and satisfy their sex drive, so when making your choice of what to buy, you should always keep this in mind. An open minded approach to sex toys is a good thing, so don't be afraid to try something new, it could be your key to even greater sexual satisfaction!
Many people who use sex toys will have more than one, in many cases they may have a full collection! The collection could include such things as vibrating love eggs, a range of vibrators, butt plugs for anal use, bondage restraints for playful bondage fun and much more!Sex Toys Texture, Tips For Selecting The Right Texture For You
Sex toys are made in many different materials, silicone, latex rubber, jelly and plastic are the more popular ones, so lets take a look at each of these in more detail.
Silicone Sex Toys
The main benefit of sex toys made in silicone is that the material very quickly reaches your body temperature and will retain the temperature for a longer period, there is nothing worse than having a plastic vibrator that is cold inserted into a warm moist vagina unless that is your preference.
Another advantage of silicone is the smoothness, silicone sex toys tend to resemble skin, soft smooth and quite sensual. Washing silicone is very easy too, its non-porous and washes well with soap and water or a sex toys cleaner.
Whilst most people wont need to sterilise their sex toys, if you share your toys then silicone can be boiled and fully sterised without harming your sex toy and because silicone sex toys are mainly hypo-allergenic it is rare that they produce allergic reactions.
So in conclusion if you want a sex toy that will last you longer choose one that is made in silicone.
Jelly Vibrators And Jelly Sex Toys
Sex toys made from jelly are much cheaper than silicone ones, they tend not to be so smooth, but they do feel nice and sexy and they are now the most popular type of sex toy.
A great tip when using a jelly sex toy is to use plenty of water based lubricant, it must be water based otherwise it may damage the jelly material.
We recommend using Liquid Silk a lovely silky smooth water based sexual lubricant that is condom and sex toys friendly and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth without the tacky feeling that some sex lubricants leave behind.
Using plenty of water based lube will stop any sticky type feeling you can sometimes get with jelly sex toys. A large number of jelly sex toys do have a slight jelly smell to them, whilst most people don’t mind the smell as it is not unpleasant but it`s something you need to consider, especially if certain scents are a turn off.
With jelly sex toys you should only use warm water not heavily perfumed soap to clean them, the soap may cause damage to the jelly. Jelly sex toys are now very reasonably priced and the range available is increasing all the time.
Latex Rubber Sex Toys
Sex toys made from latex or rubber generally are much firmer than jelly or silicone ones, so whilst they provide fantastic satisfaction, they don’t tend to be so realistic or skin like. They are flexible but don’t bend as much as jelly or silicone ones, nonetheless they are popular and do a great job to provide sexual stimulation. Usually latex sex toys are the cheaper type so quite often you can buy two latex or rubber sex toys for the price of a silicone one, worth considering this when you are choosing the sex toy you want.
Solid Vibrators And Plastic Sex Toys
The major advantage of solid sex toys in plastic is that if they contain a vibrating motor, the vibrations are usually much more intense. This is because the motor transfers all of its power into something that is solid plastic, unlike a jelly one which absorbs much of the vibration. Plastic is very easy to clean, its very smooth, sometimes ribbed but can often look and feel a bit clinical because it is so solid and hard. So the main thing to remember here is if you like intense vibration then you should consider a plastic solid vibrator or sex toy. Bullet vibrators are now a very popular choice probably for this reason.
The plastic ones come in a variety of colours and sizes, so the choice is enormous.
Metal Sex Toys
The range of metal sex toys available is limited because they are a specialist item that many people find far too hard not to mention cold and clinical. Most sales of metal sex toys are purchased by S & M people or those who are active in serious bondage sex games. Great care is required in using metal sex toys because they can cause injury if they are not used with great care.
Wooden Vibrators
Wooden vibrators are not a very popular choice for most sex toy users, they are more a specialist vibrator like metal vibrators. Made in a type of smooth wood that is highly polished and then varnished. Wooden vibrators can be difficult to clean and this means they may cause a hygiene problem.
Cyberskin Sex Toys
These sex toys are made from the new materials,it has taken years of research to come up with cyberskin material and what a delight it is! It is claimed to be the closest thing to feeling like real skin there is. The claims about cyberskin are not exaggerated. Those who have used sex toys made from Cyberskin will verify that the soft feel is simply wonderful. Cyberskin is stretchy, soft, skin like and does feel like the real skin. A great deal of male sex toys like artificial vaginas and masturbating sleeves are now being made in Cyberskin and the realism is described by many as awesome. As manufacturers are discovering the popularity of cyberskin is increasing all the time, they are making more and more sex toys using the Cyberskin material. We cannot speak highly enough about Sex toys made from cyberskin are pleasure toys for the future.
Acrylic Sex Toys
These are very hard and although easy to clean, as with metal sex toys, care should be taken when using acrylic types. Much cheaper than metal and a very good type of sex toy to help strengthen your vaginal muscles.
Leather Sex Toys
There are usually two types of leather sex toys, hard leather and soft gloving leather. Whilst most garments made in leather like briefs, corsets, suspender belts etc are made in soft leather, items like whips, paddles, bondage restraints and straps tend to be made in slightly harder leather for durability. Many people love the smell of leather, they love the feel and the look too, so it`s little wonder that leather creates a very sexy atmosphere.
Tips On Different Types Of Sex ToysDildosANDDongs
A common mistake is often made with dildos or dongs, they are often confused with vibrators. So lets try to clarify the differences. Usually a dildo is shaped like a penis and doesn’t vibrate, although there are vibrating dildos available. A dildo can be any shape, size or colour and they do come in different thicknesses. The main use of a dildo unlike a vibrator is to perform thrusting movements into the vagina to simulate the feel of a real penis. Many women enjoy using a dildo together with a vibrator or clitoral stimulator, they thrust the dildo in and out and place the vibrator at the same time on the clitoris, which can produce a very intense orgasm. A dong usually has testicles attached, the testicles make it look more realistic and many users say a dong is easier to handle when thrusting it inside the vagina.
When choosing which brutal dildos or dong is best for you, it is usually a good idea to buy one that resembles your partners penis size and girth, unless of course your partner is smaller than you wished.
st its force until you get the pressure that would be comfortable for you. Our nipple clamp safety guide is well worth a read.
On the other hand, if you are ready to experience pleasurable nipple pain, a spring loaded clamp would be ideal. Spring loaded clamps are not adjustable and they can really provide ultra tight gripping force on your nipples. These clamps are best for punishment fantasy and extreme bondage sex.
You can try the nipple connection metal clamps if you want to fully control the pressure provided by your tit c.
e running water of course) before it finally dissipated for good. Between its staying power and that gel consistency, even my dick gave a little whine when I thought of how nice it would have been for any kind of real action.
Cleanup: Rinses away with water and rubbing.
IF this lubricrant had safer ingredients and IF it hadn't lit my arm up like dry pine needles in a forest fire, I wouldn't even think of tossing this bottle into the junk box now. Michele says she thinks it would have been thicker than what she'd like for regular sex, but yes it would have been the one for butt sex if the ifs weren't ifs. As if that's supposed to make me feel better.
So this one doesn't get a score card either, and I was batting 2 for 2 as far as selecting completely incompatible lubricants for us. To her credit, instead of pointing out that I had wasted an entire gift card on my impromptu purchases, my wife did not say a word other than to point out that I still had 3 lubricants left in the box that might be alright. So the next in line was Sliquid's Dude Lube, the subject of my next post.
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December 12 2013
Posted by adultsextoys  [ 07:33 ]
Magic Moments - Guide to Nipple Stimulation A Guide to Nipple Stimulation
One of the biggest complaints that women have it comes to sex is not enough foreplay. As a man, you’d want to extend her pleasure and make her ready for things to come – so have certain techniques ,Use Cheap Sex toy handy you will have her melting in your arms. As you may already know, a woman’s breasts is one of the most sensitive and beautiful parts of her body. However, every pair of breasts is unique. By taking the time to learn about which parts of a woman’s breasts are most sensitive, you can maximize her pleasures in bed.
Maximize Her Pleasures in Bed
To get things started, here are a few things that you should keep in mind about nipple stimulation, and women’s breasts in general:?Know what kind of breasts she has, and use certain techniques to stimulate the nipples.If your girlfriend or wife has large breasts, they are a bit less sensitive than those with smaller breasts. This could be attributed to the fact that the nerve which transmits sensation from the nipple is stretched. So what’s the best way to give pleasure to a large-breasted woman? Start with the outer side of her breasts. Use your t.
gth of 9 inches with 2.5 to 3 inches diameter. But there are really enormous dildos with approximate lengths of 18 inches. If you fancy large dildos, then these types of dong are best for you.
Extreme pleasure is the best benefit you can get from a huge dildos. If you already have prior experiences in using basic dildos, then a huge dong will not pose any problem for you. In fact, you will get more powerful and intense orgasms by using a huge dildo.
So, are you ready to get extreme pleasure from a huge dong? Then, the .
trol pack to turn the toy on and quickly increase/decrease the vibrations. It doesn't offer any patterns, but we like the convenience of the Matador's control better.
Unfortunately, we're betting that the Matador breaks long before the Elite 7X will due to how the cord is attached. On the Elite 7X the cord is strongly reinforced where it joins the bullet, and has a small headphone-like jack to plug it into the control pack. That pretty much ensures that if you get too rough with it, the cord will simply unplug itself. It also lets you clean the bullet with running water without any issues. On the Matador, however, the cord is threaded through a hole on both the bullet and the control pack, with nothing reinforcing the connections. And there are gaps around where the cord goes into the holes. To be frank, it's a piss-poor design that makes it all too easy to get fluids in the bullet and fry the toy, if you don't managed to jerk the cord out of it first.
The Matador
The Elite 7x
So there you have it: a complete rundown of how these two similar-looking cock rings are really very different.
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December 02 2013
Posted by adultsextoys  [ 07:48 ]
Je Joue Mio Penis Diamond ring Cheap Sex toys can provide great pleasure for men and women.? But if you commit these top mistakes when buying a sex toy, then you will not enjoy its amazing benefits.
Failure to consider the size of the sex toy is the first mistake you should avoid.? When you buy Cheap sex toys, always consider the size factor.? That is because you cannot enjoy your sex toy if its size is not suitable for you.
For example, if you buy huge dildos, you might discover later that using them would be uncomfortable for you.? On the other hand, if you buy a very sma.
The toy is made of borosilicate glass (Pyrex, to us lay people) and retains either heat or cold pretty well if you care to chill it or warm it before use. It's said that this sort of glass is safer than others because if it were to break it would do so in large chunks rather than shattering or splintering. We can't vouch for that though because we've never broken an Icicles toy. Dropped them? Yes we have, but none have broken and we aren't willing to go to any extremes to try to do so.
The glass is clear with an iridescent sheen and blue swirl inside the center. The surface is completely smooth, and aside from a single miniscule bubble that we found deep inside the ball's glass, it's flawless. Unfortunately none of the photos we took caught the way the light plays across the toy, but trust us when we say it looks frickin cool. But enough for its looks, let's move on to usability
Icicles #8 can be inserted from either end, and it would be a good toy for people who are new to glass to start with due to its design and non-intimidating size. The nar.
urally think of food but many couples use food in an intimate way to pleasure their partner. Using honey, chocolate or fruit syrup as body paint you and your lover can play a sensual game of “tic-tac-toe.”Our vision and hearing are sensitive to lighting and fragrances; a room filled with candlelight in a rose scented atmosphere is one of the quickest ways to melt the heart and inspire romance. You can buy Cheap sex toys like these at most mainstream stores. Specialty sex shops offer coordinated sets of some of items specifically designed to engage all five of the senses.
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August 23 2013
Posted by adultsextoys  [ 04:39 ]
Community Exhibits regarding Passion

Public Displays of Affection (or PDAs, as they're commonly referred to) have long been a controversial issue.Some people are offended by PDAs categorically, some are only put-off by PDAs in certain environments or situations.Couples wh.

ou press repeatedly to work your way through the options. If you hold down the Mode button the G Vibe emits a momentary powerful burst of vibration.

Your G Vibe interface buttons will illuminate whilst it is charging and go off once the vibrator is fully charged.

As I look at the cheap sex toys and G Vibe it’s apparent that the handle’s inspiration is taken from the Lelo Insignia range. The silicone is soft, velvety and seamless. This product looks like a quality item, its Achilles heel being the charging point which is covered with a small silicone plug. Although the outside of the box does say it’s water resistant.

Right I’m off to cleanse my G Vibe ready for a bit of Summer’s night fun. You can read the G Vibe’s appraisal below.

Offers 6 x vibrating modes including constant, pulsing and random, enough to please any girl. Can be charged via your PC’s USB port.s powerful and quiet in an easy to use 3 button interface.s water resistant for use in the shower.eatures two stimulation points, each containing a motor for your pleasure.its nicely in your be used vaginally, clitorally and anally.

A very versatile vibrator. But remember that you would need to thoroughly cleanse this vibrator if you used it anally before inserting it in to your vagina.

It was such a lovely evening I decided to be daring on leave the curtains open so I could watch the sunset as I enjoyed the delights of the G Vibe.

I slipped out of my sexy women, and as I was sans-panties I was ready to go. Reclining back on to the bed clutching my G Vibe I placed the soles of my feet together, knees flat to the bed for easy access.

There was a lovely golden glow in the room, as if heralding the warm glow I would soon be encountering.

After applying a small drop of lube to each tip I push.

tea, to a shade resembling digestive biccie brown.This can obviously be tailored based on your own taste preference.

Voilà! You have made the perfect bullet vibrator.Well done!

Now put the milk back in the fridge you lazy git.


Coffee is somewhat different to prepare than tea, and I dont just mean using coffee instead of tea bags.

You do need to once again, boil fresh water.

In your mug you will place a teaspoon of coffee granules.I find Carte Noire simply scrumptious, but Ill allow you to use your preference.Note: catering packs of instant coffee will be bland, coffee loses its strength over time once opened to the air.

So you have a spotlessly clean mug with a teaspoon of coffee in.Good.

Now is the important part.Add milk.Yes, before the water! Add milk to the coffee in the mug so that you have about an inch of milk & granules combo in the mug base.

This is important as the coffee granules, soaked in cold milk, are not subjected to the boiling water unprotected and therefore burned and the taste ruined. can always tell when someone has burnt the coffee.Not a euphemism.

Once the kettle has boiled, top up your mug with the hot water, stirring as you go to help the granules dissolve.

You may wish to leave some space so you can top up with bondage sex, achieving the perfect mix for your taste.I like my coffee to be vanilla fudge coloured.

Oh and if youre making tea and coffee in the same round, please use a different spoon for the tea than the coffee!

There you have it.You are now learned in the art of making tea and coffee.Put the kettle on, I fancy a brew!

Do you have a different way of making tea or coffee? Expert tips? Whats your morning brew? Leave your comment below.

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Posted by adultsextoys  [ 04:37 ]
Sure, At times Guys Acquire Stressed Concerning Sexual intercourse Also. This is Exactly why

Oh, hello, lady I met four hours ago.You have me shoved me against a wall, put your tongue down my throat, and reached into my pants.Umdont you see those three busboys staring at us? And wouldnt this be more comfortable in my dimly l.

ed to plug the g-spot in to the 3 x vibration jack point, leaving the 7 functions to work on my clit…perfect.

Alex popped over to drop in some presents at his relatives on New Years Day and I started the preparation for the evening meal which his parents were invited to.I did some preparation and then decided to have a break.

For some reason I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the Adonis and how much fun it looked.Surely Alex wouldn’t mind if I tried this one out on my own.Of course not…

Then I disappeared off to the bedroom and drew the curtains together.It was a dull day anyway, so nobody would suspect that I had gone off to bed for a bit of a wank.Lol

I removed my clothing down to my bra and panties.And I wouldn’t need those so I slipped them off and climbed on top of the duvet.After applying a small blog of water based lube to the tip of the Adonis I pushed it between my lips.

It curled round perfectly inside my pussy, hitting that all important g-spot.Now time to try the settings.The vibe fits perfectly between the legs with the noduled end sitting nicely against your clit.The first setting on the internal vibe was nice, a gentle rumble.I must say the separate hand controls were so easy to hold and use compared to integral controls where you have to almost be a contortionist to use them.

I maxed up the control to the third setting and WOW that was powerful.I could feel the waves vibrate through my vaginal wall as I rested my hand on top of my abdomen.Then I tried the clit vibe, the first setting was a very nice steady vibration which tickled my clit into life.

Quickly I moved through the settings…Medium, High, Roller Coaster and then I found the one I needed so badly…Stair Stepper.This one resonates through your clit and s.



The Dandy Fox Custom Harness by Marilyn on The SwingsetSh! Corset Harness by Nymphomaniac Ness

Lube, Massage Oil, Bath Stuff, & etc.

Fun Factory Color Moi Kissable Body Paint by Mistress KayWarming O Balm by Sexy SweepstakesSliquid H2O by PennyCooling Orgasm Balm by BoobalooChemistry Bubble Bath Set by Teagan Shepard


Pink Wrist Bondage Restraints by Mistress KaySportsheets Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold by True PleasuresPipedream Luv Pink Paddle by KiraMini Nipple Suckers by Red Vinyl Kitty

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Posted by adultsextoys  [ 04:35 ]
7 Causes To be able to Grasp The Male Person Give I visited the most pimped out man cave the other week.Upon crossing the threshold, I just couldnt believe someone had taken the time to decorate so thoroughly with beer signs, jerseys, sports memorabilia, and trophies.He had also built a .Either way I decided to continue with my review regardless.Listening to Pink on YouTube and slightly distracted by imaging what I would like to be doing with her strap on dildos I washed my Jimmyjane Form 6 with anti-bac soap. Do you think that she would want to adopt the Domme roll?? If so I would have to engage in a power struggle with her. I’m a bit of a switch, no let me rephrase that…

I’m a Switch!? Love the power exchange? Hahaha.Whilst I dry off the Form 6 here are some points of interest…Offers dual motors for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation.s reasonably quiet for the power to noise ratio.s fully submersible for cleansing and bath friendly cordless recharging via its compact charging station a new feature. full charge offers up to 6+ hours of pleasure.s travel enabled with a universal power adapter, a new feature.he digital vibration modes offer 5 x power levels and 6 x vibration a new interface and power buttons for ease of use a new feature.

With a digital travel lock you can be assured not to have any embarrassing moments during travel a new feature.The internal memory ensures that your last and most probably favourite setting is accessed as soon as you turn on.Its dimensions are 6.″ x 1.″ at widest point (17. x[wowslider id="13"]My PC continued to work its way through Pink’s playlist as I slipped under the duvet. My Form 6 was still warm sex dolls from its cleansing and I applied a little lube to the tip to ease the bulbous base inside me. The tip felt cool as it made contact with my fleshy lips and pushed against my opening.It disappeared inside me with a natural glide and suction and landed against my g-spot.

It was then that it occurred to me. The controls were now inside me, m.content reaches their audience.Share and share alike, it all leads to increased visibility, traffic and your web presence will be better known and more respected.6.Do not use Comic Sans.Its just terrible.Really dont.7.Keep animated banners or images to a minimum!?They are not classy or professional.I limit myself to one animated banner on a page, usually and thats when I really have to use an animated banner.I prefer static images.Animated banners just annoy the eye, distract readers sexy guys from your copy and can be so neon and offputting that your traffic feel they have no option but to leave.Size your images correctly!

Make sure your images or photographs are not too large for the page.Also, when resizing an image, make sure that you resize both horizontally and vertically to avoid that squished image effect.It just screams, I dont know what Im doing here but I wanted to squash this picture in somehow.How to resize an image easily in HTML: In the HTML for an image you will usually be given the size of the image, ie:width=500 height=667Say you wanted the width to actually be 250 pixels.change the 500 to 250 but delete all of the? Don't put any height in.The HTML will amend automatically based on the width of 250 pixels.Its the same if you wanted the height to actually be 500 pixels.Change the height to 500 then delete the?

The HTML will amend automatically based on the height of 500 pixels.If youre exceptionally good at maths, then feel free to calculate the new height so the browser knows how much space to leave for the sex toys for men, and therefore speed up the page loading time.Im not good at maths, so I dont!Good luck and happy blogging!
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July 30 2013
Posted by adultsextoys  [ 08:22 ]
Calming fulfillment from the finish from the day time
I love that time of the day where I get to switch off, unwind, just finish all communications with the world and relax.I switch the world off and he switches me on.Undressing, washing, changing into something loose and easily removeable I flop next to him on the sofa, exhausted.I am cleansed and natural, hair loose and wild, naked face.Noone else sees me like most realistic vagina, I am vulnerable, almost child-like.I move closer to him, letting him know its ok to enter my personal space.

I am sensitive about the immediate space around me, noone enters it without permission.Remnants of long, locked up badness in those boxes at the far corners of my mind prevent.n last place? February, so thanks for nothing, Valentine's Day! Clearly people's preferred sexy times correlate butt plugs with warmer weather, with July, June, and May taking the next top spots.

December was the only winter month to sneak into the top half, so I guess holiday cheer (and by cheer, I do mean too much eggnog) trumps being cold.After February, November and January also proved to be real mood .powerful but quiet so you can use the Mimi discreetly if you should have company, just don’t moan too loudly?

I was now resonating in time with those strong waves of vibration, it felt so good as I lay there in silence. In my eagerness to bring myself off I had forgotten to press play on the DVD player. Oh well!I withdrew my Mimi from my warm cavern and laid it to rest against my already swollen clitoris, OMG? The vibrations were so powerful I had to reign myself in to enjoy the vibratory delights a little longer before laying myself sexuality prostrate to the mercy of the Mimi.The name of this toy certainly doesn’t do it justice.

This toy has the power of one of the best Dominatrix and deserves respect. Good things certainly do come in small packages and so did I.Moments later I was squirming like a whore as the tip of the Mimi worked its magic. Panting and breathless I pressed the off button unable to take any more…Spent, satiated and euphoric I lay my Mimi down to rest on top of my chest of drawers, she had more play in her, Suze didn’t.This toy is an excellent all rounder, suited to newbies, couples and experienced toy users like me. One thing I will say is, ensure you leave your newly acquired Mimi out to air for a few days before use as the chemical smell is very off putting at first. But the wait is well worth it!
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Adult toy Stores: Obtain the greatest free of charge adult toy evaluations for the website Im a great choice to review sex toys (including fetish/bondage, lubes, condoms, games and erotic books) for your company.Why? Well.Ill tell you.What is it going to cost you? Your cost price of the toy as well as postage to me.What are you going to get?

A full and comprehensive, honest unbiased review by a professional copywriter and reviewer with years of experience in this very industry.As well as the above, the review will feature your site logo if available, linked to you, as well as all photos that I take of the product linking to the product page on your site, plus the usual product links where the product is mentioned.Any.nci Code for anything other than to make fun of Tom Hanks' hair, go ahead and update your profile by taking that off.Thanks.ou describe yourself as an undergraduate student, but youve been practicing medicine for three years.Your online dating profile is a Myspace page.our online dating profile is a recurring ad in a newspaper.A newspaper that went out of print in 2004.

Your online dating profile is the dowry .nce inside me I pressed the on button for the rabbit and it started to hum away quite pleasantly against my clit.BANG, BANG,BANG!That felt good, now for the thrusting action. The first speed was mild so I ramped it up to the third setting which felt good. I could feel the head massaging against my g-spot, how I longed for a forth setting but three would have to do. In fact felt fine.

The clit vibe needed to be boosted and I found the third speed setting to be gum tinglingly good. I decided to add to the thrusting action by moving the Thruster Rabbit in and out of it’s hole just a little, keeping contact with those bunny ears on my clit.I had found the perfect combination for me. The clit vibe was running up and down the side of my clit buzzing away and the thrusting head was fucking me nicely.

As I watched the explosions illuminate the sky with colour I felt my own internal incendiary devices kicking in to action as my toes and fingers started to tingle.For a small rabbit, or should I say bunny this vibe really packs a surprising punch and moments later my hand was moistened by my orgasm and my potty mouth had fired out some naughty words. This rabbit vibrator is an unchallenging vibrator for a newbie to toys but still packs a punch for an old pro like me. A good all rounder which is reasonably priced.
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Stampy Trousers Rant: Meat as well as Whack Work Day time Am I the only one who thinks steak and blow job day is a pile of crap?Right, so lets get this straight.Valentines Day, February 14th.A day when loving couples and people in loving relationships get to celebrate the intimate and close feelings that should be there all the time, by treating each other to significant trinkets or gifts, exchanging cards and spending some buy dildos quality time together being romantic.Note: Not just men doing this for female partners, but women to men, men to women, women to women, men to men.All loving and romantic relationships.

But apparently men have resented this day of love and romance.For now, on March 14th, ther.g to please our guys and be a little selfish.Why cant we ladies stick with the moves we know we like once in a while? Wouldn't it be sexy if you went home labia clip and told your partner, No, I want to do it like this tonight.ou, says will get you off.

I mean, whats sexier for your partner than to see how much hes pleasing you?Whats your favorite sex position? Would you say it looks hot? Do you think there.ton holding it down for a while until the desired speed was found and did the same with the lower control. One frond was longer than the other and I thought I would attempt a dual vibratory clitoral experience on my clitoris but this didn’t work using both pleasure fronds didn’t work as they couldn’t be wrapped around the clitoris.

With a little bit of ingenuity, I realised that the two fronds were best deployed on both my clitoris and vaginal penetration. Orientation was the key to good dual stimulation and I found that the larger frond worked best on my clit whilst the smaller sexuality was good for shallow vaginal penetration and stimulation.The dual stimulation felt so good, the flexibility of the arms of the Vitality facilitate excellent vaginal play and experimentation.

I depressed both buttons to the max and moved the Vitality from side to side simultaneously stimulating my clit and vagina…FUCK!That’s how good it felt as my toes curled and my clit and cunt buzzed with the quiet but powerful vibrations.?A few sideways flicks had me convulsing as my discount adult toys orgasm took hold and rendered me senseless. The Vitality is a good all rounder which can please the amateur to the most demanding pleasure seeker.? Just remember, you need to press the button quickly and let go if you wish to terminate the vibrations. Play…have fun.
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July 26 2013
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Brand new FemDom house with regard to Mistress STB Sutra
I have today launched the brand new web home of my Mistress side, Mistress Sutra.This site, Sutra.o.k will remain as the home of my more mainstream (yet still kinky, taking into account all my other bullet vibrators!) sex blogging, toy reviews, erotica and the like, while MistressSutra.o.k is my Mistress/Domi.e this woman on principle.

But the longer she thought about it (and OK, the longer she Google-stalked her) the more she started feeling complimented by it.The guy obviously has a type of women he dates: gorgeous, smart, successful, eclectic.If it didn't work out between the two of them, C.was glad that he'd pick an amazing woman to be her successor.She felt like it was flattering to her and called it a "silver lining" in the breakup.

I thought it was such a good attitude I had to share it with you guys! Breakups are hard, and I can't blame any.very different.I increased the power one step more and found it was a little too much.Dropping cheap adult toys the power I experimented with different patterns, any variation on pulsing suited me best.This sort of deep electrosex stimulation didn’t immediately bring me to erection and have me dribbling but it was interesting and combined with other stimulation was great fun.

What I might try next is a technique recommended to me by one of the team at ElectroStim – attach one electrode to the probe and the other to a pad placed just above your penis.That way the electricity flows sexual health straight through your prostate.That could be interesting.In summary this is an excellent quality toy for anyone into electrosex.

It needs a control box to apply the power so don’t forget to purchase one of those if you are new to the electrosex game.But as I found this is a very personal thing and while as an expensive anal probe this toy works fine, for me at least it didn’t blow my socks off.I feel it deserves a little more experimentation cheap huge dildos and I am certainly encouraged to do that to make sure I’m not missing out on the delights that I suspect this device can offer to a user who gets to know it.
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